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Looking for commercial property in Noida

Commercial Projects in Noida for sale

msx msxmall

msx Mall

Pari Chowk, Greater Noida
8 Lac
idi sadar-bazar

idi Sadar Bazar

Greater Noida West
14.69 Lac to 27.35 Lac
galaxy blue-sapphire-plaza

galaxy Blue Sapphire Plaza

Gaur Chowk, Noida Extension
19 Lac to 80 Lac
ihpl platinumbay

ihpl Platinum Bay

Knowledge Park 3, Greater Noida
26.82 Lac
amrapali dreamvalleyretail

amrapali Dream Valley

Greater Noida West
26.25 Lac
bhutani alphathum

bhutani Alphathum

Sector 90, Noida Expressway
27.93 Lac to 86.1 Lac
galaxy diamond-plaza

galaxy Diamond Plaza

Noida Extension
21 Lac to 30 Lac
supertech supernova-astralis

supertech Supernova Astralis

Sector 94
84.94 Lac
kb-one podium

kb one Podium

Noida Extension
11.99 Lac to 22.99 Lac
ajnara ajnara-lemart

ajnara Le Mart

Noida Extension
35 Lac
airwil safaristreet

airwil Safari Street

Greater Noida Expressway
9.99 Lac to 15.99 Lac
earth techone

earth Tech One

Yamuna Expressway
19.25 Lac to 2.1 Cr
sarvottam nx-one

sarvottam NX One

Tech Zone IV, Noida Extension
16.2 Lac to 27.38 Lac
cosmic corporate-park-2

cosmic Corporate Park 2

Sector 140
21.82 Lac to 55.65 Lac
homesoul boulevardwalk

homesoul Boulevard Walk

Greater Noida West
23.73 Lac to 62.84 Lac
gaur sadar_bazar

gaur Sadar Bazar

Noida Extension
22.35 Lac
sikka kapitalgrand

sikka Kapital Grand

Sector 98
15.76 Lac to 86.9 Lac
carnoustie noida-world-one

carnoustie Noida World One

Sector 90
22.14 Lac to 66.3 Lac
cosmic masterpiece

cosmic Masterpiece

Noida Expressway
16.28 Lac to 75 Lac
galaxy plaza

galaxy Plaza

Noida Extension
15.95 Lac to 32.84 Lac
imperia cyber-business-center

imperia Cyber Business Center

Knowledge Park 5, Greater Noida West
17.25 Lac to 86.25 Lac
cosmic cosmic-cruise

cosmic Cruise

Knowledge Park V, Greater Noida
27.67 Lac
dah nxone-commercial

dah Nx One

Noida Extension
21.38 Lac to 27.38 Lac
gaur galleria

gaur Galleria

Noida Extension
40.34 Lac
ghp geminate-grande

ghp Geminate Grande

Sector 140
13 Lac to 1.1 Cr
baya omg

baya Oh My God

Sector 129, Noida Expressway
17.25 Lac to 37.3 Lac
galaxy time_square

galaxy Time Square

Greater Noida West
19.5 Lac
vhr winstenstudio

vhr Winsten Park

Noida Extension
14.29 Lac to 40.13 Lac
indoworld emporis-tower

indoworld Emporis Tower

Sector 140 Noida Expressway
10.5 Lac
logix la-premiere

logix La Premiere

Sector 124, Noida Expressway
55 Lac
airwil intellicity

airwil Intellicity

Noida Extension
9 Lac to 1.2 Cr
cosmic cosmic-park3

cosmic Corporate Park 3

Sector 154
7.5 Lac to 55.8 Lac
assotech assotech-one

assotech One

Sector 62
53.9 Lac to 59.29 Lac
gaur city-mall

gaur City Mall

Noida Extension
10.59 Lac
galaxy green-arcade

galaxy Green Arcade

Greater Noida West
7.78 Lac to 18.68 Lac
gaur wholesale-bazar

gaur Wholesale Bazar

Noida Extension
19.5 Lac
galaxy shoppe

galaxy Shoppe

Noida Extension
24.75 Lac to 72.6 Lac
utc code-60

utc Code 60

Knowledge Park 5, Greater Noida West
4.25 Lac to 23.75 Lac
shubhkamna city-plaza

shubhkamna City Plaza

Sector 1, Greater Noida West
50 Lac
gaur citycentre

gaur City Centre

Noida Extension
27.71 Lac to 1.34 Cr
airwil smart-city

airwil Organic Smart City

Yamuna Expressway
11.25 Lac to 9 Cr
proplarity bizlife

proplarity BizLife

Sector 62
18.5 Lac to 96 Lac
supertech north-eye-retail

supertech North Eye Retail

Sector 74
26.51 Lac
pks town-central

pks Town Central

Noida Extension
19.8 Lac to 31.8 Lac
imperia imperia-h2o

imperia H2O

Knowledge Park V, Greater Noida West
On Request
fusion ufairia

fusion Ufairia

Noida Extension
11.15 Lac to 17.15 Lac
ats bouquet

ats Bouquet

Sector 132, Noida Expressway
36 Lac
unibera absolute-cellular-park

unibera The Absolute Cellular Park

Sector 62
7.5 Lac to 2.4 Cr
viridian wtc

viridian World Trade Center

Greater Noida
26.25 Lac to 52.5 Lac
imperia imperia-onyx

imperia Onyx

Knowledge Park V, Greater Noida West
26.25 Lac to 52.5 Lac
supertech romano-mart

supertech Mart Romano

Sector 118
63.5 Lac to 71.06 Lac
gaur citycenter

gaur City Center

Gaur Chowk, Noida Extension
35.85 Lac to 38.85 Lac
mmr 52ndavenue

mmr 52nd Avenue

Sector 52
On Request
prabhuprem advantage

prabhuprem Advantage

Greater Noida West
20.72 Lac to 29.79 Lac
gaur highstreet

gaur City 14th Avenue High Street

Greater Noida West
36 Lac to 55 Lac
airwil aurum

airwil Aurum

Sector 135, Noida Expressway
5.5 Lac to 79.99 Lac
paras one33

paras One33

Sector 133, Noida Expressway
28.75 Lac to 65.67 Lac
imperia premeria

imperia Premeria

Knowledge Park 5, Greater Noida West
37.86 Lac to 41.6 Lac
aadhar businesscapital

aadhar The Business Capital

Noida Extension
21.14 Lac to 22.05 Lac
gaur yamunaplaza

gaur Yamuna Plaza

Yamuna Expressway
20.4 Lac to 43.83 Lac
sunshine 94

sunshine 94

Sector 94 Noida Expressway
39.36 Lac to 1.24 Cr
assotech-realty businesscresterra

assotech realty Business Cresterra

Sector 135
25.95 Lac to 55.79 Lac
airwil i-the-address

airwil Intellicity I The Address

Greater Noida West
29.99 Lac
blue spectrummetro

blue Spectrum Metro

Sector 75
18.7 Lac to 56 Lac
ajnara citywalk

ajnara City Walk

Greater Noida West
47.73 Lac to 1.73 Cr
krasa centrade-business-park

krasa Centrade Business Park

Sector 140
15 Lac to 1.05 Cr
sethi sethi-mart

sethi Mart

Sector 150
24.57 Lac to 32.13 Lac
galaxy bangkok-bazaar

galaxy Bangkok Bazaar

Greater Noida West
19 Lac
supertech capetown-commercial

supertech Cape Town

Sector 74
57.24 Lac to 90.97 Lac
supertech e-square

supertech E Square

Sector 96, Greater Noida Expressway
63 Lac to 1.94 Cr
imperia bandhan

imperia Bandhan

Knowledge Park 5, Greater Noida West
27.5 Lac to 30 Lac
aadhar nationalbusinesscentre

aadhar National Business Centre

Greater Noida
4.95 Lac to 6.05 Lac
shubhkamna lords-square-commercial

shubhkamna Lords Square

Sector 79, City Center
On Request
aims the-tempean

aims The Tempean

Sector 15
93.75 Lac to 4.38 Cr
amrapali golf-homes-retail

amrapali Golf Homes Retail Shops

Noida Extension
39.95 Lac to 1.94 Cr
ats kinghood_drive

ats Kinghood Drive

Sector 152
67.8 Lac to 73.45 Lac